Birding At Turkey Hill Farm

This morning I had only one bird in mind, the Indigo Bunting. Although this bird had been reported all over the state, it had managed to elude me for the entire year so far. When I received news that one had been seen at Turkey Hill Farm, just a few minutes from my house, I knew I had to go. I used to go there quite often when I was much younger, but I hadn’t gone in a few years.

When I arrived at Turkey Hill this morning, I started up my eBird checklist and began walking. One of the first things I heard was an Osprey circling above my head, a sound that I had become very familiar with over the summer. As I continued walking, I heard some of the more expected birds of the walk such as Common Yellowthroats and Yellow Warblers. I also kept my eyes out for any dragonflies and butterflies that I could see.

After walking for a few more minutes, I came across a clearing on the top of the hill. Almost as soon as I stopped walking, I heard the song of an Indigo Bunting! Although I had already got my target bird, I decided to continue walking up the hill. As I continued, I noticed a smaller dragonfly buzz past my head. I quickly snapped a picture and identified it as an Eastern Pondhawk. I watched it for a few more minutes chasing insects with the many Tree Swallows flying above my head.

As I reached the top of the hill, I noticed two very small butterflies fluttering around my feet. I originally thought that they were two separate species, but as I examined the pictures, I realized they were not. One of them turned out to be a Cabbage White, while the other was a Clouded Sulphur.

After that, I began my descent down the hill. I saw a few more butterflies including a tiny Delaware Skipper, but most of the birds were the same. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hear or see the Indigo Bunting, but I did get the chance to see a few juvenile American Robins before they had all grown up.

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