Birding At Burrage Pond WMA

The sighting of the Terek Sandpiper that I wrote about in yesterday’s blog post kind of overshadowed everything else I did that day. Today I wanted to write about my trip to Burrage Pond WMA to look for both birds and many other things as well.

I arrived at Burrage Pond at around 6:30 AM on Sunday. Almost as soon as I stepped out fo the car, I heard the chorus of birds that I have grown used to at Burrage. As I began walking, I listened to the energetic songs of the House Wrens and Northern Cardinals giving me hope for the rest of the walk. Although they were wonderful to listen to, these birds were not the reason I visited Burrage. At that point, my Bio Blitz was still on, and I was doing everything I could to get as many species as possible.

It seemed that the further I walked into Burrage, the more dragonflies and other insects would appear. Unfortunately, that also meant the swarms of Deer Flies that were constantly trying to bite me. As I continued down the path, I noticed that the flies seemed to leave me alone in the sun which was enough to convince me to stay out of the shade. Many of the dragonflies I saw were the same ones that I see at home every day, but some were much more interesting.

Unfortunately, as I continued walking, there were no signs of either frogs or turtles. These creatures were one of the major reasons I decided to go to Burrage and the fact that I couldn’t find any was a huge disappointment. Right when I was about to give up on my search for these animals, I spotted a small group of Painted Turtles resting on a log out in the lake! About a minute later, I saw a Green Frog peaking out of the water in the channels in the bogs.

Once I had finally found my two target species, I started heading back towards the parking lot. Almost as soon as I turned onto the path that went through the woods, I got mobbed by dozens of Deer Flies. They swarmed all over me, and eventually, I started running to get back to the car. In those five minutes, I got at least fifteen painful bites and ran faster than I had in months.

Hopefully, I will be able to go back to Burrage Pond soon, and next time, I’ll be prepared.

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